It was really nice to be at the Children’s Science Festival along with our honourable director Mostafa Sharuar and Ntv team, hosted by Cam Care Cambridge. Really proud to meet our little scientists. Well done to Shrobona Bhattacharya and her entire team for doing such noble work (educating our future generation) completely free of cost. Ntv will always support their good work ❤️❤️ Thanks to Sanjoy Dey for introducing them to Ntv❤️

It Was Really Nice To Be At The Children’s Science Festival Along With Our Honourable Director Mostafa Sharuar And Ntv Team, Hosted By Cam Care Cambridge. Really Proud To Meet Our Little Scientists. Well Done To Shrobona Bhattacharya And Her Entire Team For Doing Such Noble Work (Educating Our Future Generation) Completely Free Of Cost. Ntv Will Always Support Their Good Work ❤️❤️ Thanks To Sanjoy Dey For Introducing Them To Ntv❤️

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