Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Assalamualykum everyone I pray that everyone is well.

This message is to all of our NTV family here in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Currently the world is going through some extremely difficult and turbulent times due Covid19 Coronavirus. We have the seen countries across the globe go into isolation and lock down where no flights are allowed in or out. The situation is very uncertain as nobody knows what is going to happen in the ear future.

This message is just some advice taken from the experts.

1) Try not to congregate in large numbers

2) wash your hands with soap for atleast 20 seconds as many times as possible

3) If you have any symptoms of the Coronavirus please seek medical advice and isolate yourself for atleast 7-14 days.

Finally just be extra cautious as you go about your daily lives look at out for the vulnerable in society.

We wish everyone stays safe and healthy and if you have any concerns or questions please contact our NTV Europe Office.

All the best

Subrina Hossain


Ntv Europe

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