Alhamdulillah had a wonderful day out in Swansea with my gorgeous brother Mahbub Noor Mabs and my beautiful bhabi, started with a delicious lunch at The Grill, then an Ice Cream treat at the famous local Ice Cream shop Jone’s to the Swansea coasy then took an energetic family walk all the way to Langland Bay, where we enjoyed the beautiful sunset. Special thanks to Adelina’s Bar and Kitchen for preparing wonderful and mouthwatering dishes and desserts for dinner to treat us to finish our journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️Thanks a lot to my brother Mabs and bhabi for this memorable day in my favourite Wales.

Alhamdulillah Had A Wonderful Day Out In Swansea With My Gorgeous Brother Mahbub Noor Mabs And My Beautiful Bhabi, Started With A Delicious Lunch At The Grill, Then An Ice Cream Treat At The Famous Local Ice Cream Shop Jone’s To The Swansea Coasy Then Took An Energetic Family Walk All The Way To Langland Bay, Where We Enjoyed The Beautiful Sunset. Special Thanks To Adelina’s Bar And Kitchen For Preparing Wonderful And Mouthwatering Dishes And Desserts For Dinner To Treat Us To Finish Our Journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️Thanks A Lot To My Brother Mabs And Bhabi For This Memorable Day In My Favourite Wales.

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